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January 29, 2002

  • Cabaret Voltaire

    Cabaret Voltaire

    3xCD / Conform to Deform '82/'90. Archive / Virgin Records

    The music sounds much more at home in 2002 than it did when it was originally released. As I am not a fan of live discs, to me this box is a two CD set (the third disc is a well done live recording from June 8, 1990 in Edinburgh).
    [read more] ---Carl

  • The Locust

    The Locust

    3inch CD / GSL (Gold Standard Laboratories)

    The original vinyl was only 13 minutes long; for the CD release, they included five additional tracks, making the CD version a whopping 16 minutes (they even fit it all on a 3inch disc).
    [read more] ---Peter Ledebur

  • The Hives

    The Hives

    CD / Barely Legal / Gearhead Records

    The Hives first album Barely Legal was originally released in Sweden in 1997.
    [read more] ---Peter L

  • Fort Thunder

    Random Slice of Life from Ft. Thunder

    CD / various / Contact Records

    The comp has songs by bands who played at Fort Thunder, plus a booklet with flyers from many of the shows that took place there.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Rezillos

    The Rezillos

    CD / Can't Stand The Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Rezillos / Sire+Warner Brothers

    Scottish Punk/New Wave band, formed c.1976.
    [read more] ---Peter Ledebur

  • Archive Series Volume 3

    Archival Series Volume Three

    3inchCD / Musique Concrete Soundtracks to Experimental Films 1956-1978 / Artists: Pierre Henry/Wlodzimierz Kotonski / The New England Electric Music Company

    This collection houses two obscure musique concrete soundtracks by renowned composers Pierre Henry and Wlodzimierz Kotonski.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands

  • Cylob


    12inch / 'Cut The Midrange, Drop The Bass' b-w 'What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor' & 'With This Ring' / Rephlex

    Cylob is Chris Jeffs from England. On this 12inch he has created 3 vocal tracks (two with vocoder) that are catchy electro rockers.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • The Drug Punks

    The Drug Punks

    12inch / 'Drug' b-w 'Punk' / City Rockers

    The Drug Punks are JJ Clam and The Wurlitzer, from Cancun Mexico. This is their debut release
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Thomas Fehlmann

    Thomas Fehlmann

    12inch / 'Making It Whistle' b-w 'Gratis' & 'Luftikus' / Kompakt

    Thomas Fehlmann is an electronic music artist from Switzerland with recorded output dating back to 1979.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Lolita Strap

    Lolita Strap

    12inch / 'My Dance' b-w 'Product' & 'Video Screen' / Crème Organization

    Crème Organization is a new offshoot of Viewlexx Records, the Holland label which has been releasing excellent electro 12inchs for several years, well before the current craze we are experiencing in 2002
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Otto


    CD / Condom Black / Trama

    Otto is a Brazilian artist with a really cool sound. He honors the samba history of Brazil while using the electronic sounds available today in a live band complete with guitar, bass, drum, brass, and tons of percussion.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Augustus Pablo

    Augustus Pablo

    CD / King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown / Clock Tower Records

    This is one of those records that goes in and out of print as different labels release small run versions of a timeless classic.
    [read more] ---Carl