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Random Slice of Life from Fort Thunder


Random Slice of Life from Fort Thunder


Contact Records

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Fort ThunderWith reproduced color photos of Fort Thunder that first appeared in Nest Magazine, Japan's Contact Records has put together a spiffy tribute to the doomed Providence RI art installation/club Fort Thunder.

The comp has songs by bands who played at Fort Thunder, plus a booklet with flyers from many of the shows that took place there. Unfortunately onJanuary 31, 2002 Fort Thunder held its last show ever (the city tore down the building).

Arab On Radar, Lightning Bolt, Landed (Shawn from Pleasurehorse), Drop Dead, Munch, and White Mice played as participants dismantled for fun or took away any part of the unique decor they wished. All of the amazing sculptures were demolished or taken, and participants spray painted testaments to the Fort all over the (remaining by night's end) walls.

There are 20 tracks on this comp. Many Providence bands are here along with National acts that played the club:
Mind Flayer
are Brian Chippendale (of Lightning Bolt) on drums and Matt Brinkman (of Forcefield) on electronics.
25 Suaves are Pete (who runs the indy label Bulb Records) and Fumie, who makes handbags, hats and stuffed animals as DJ Party Girl [view her site].
V is for Vendetta have moved their influence beyond Providence by recently getting signed to Mr. Lady Records.

Also from Providence and on this comp are Lightning Bolt, Pleasurehorse, and Marumari. My favorites on the disc would be Red Monkey (the band formed by the folks who ran Slampt Records in Newcastle upon Tyne), Deerhoof (the rhythm section of one of my favorite early 90's bands from SF, Nitre Pit), and The Need (with Rachel from Kicking Giant).

---Carl, January 29, 2002