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Who writes the gullbuy?

Thanks for reading the gullbuy - click to return to gullbuy homepageI am Carl, and I created the gullbuy for my own joy. I have loved to listen to music since I was very young in Long Island NY. I am older than all the folks below. I used to play in high schools in LI in a glam cover band called Crystal Fox when I was 16. I was there in NYC for the punk explosion, going to clubs as a seventeen year old, seeing all the gods of first wave punk before their debut records came out.

I had early guidance from Jimi LaLumia (of Jimi LaLumia and the Psychotic Frogs 'Death to Disco' fame). Jimi guided my musical growth while he worked in Sam Goodies in Smith Haven Mall In LI. He turned me onto Sparks, BeBop Deluxe, and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel before punk happened, and Ramones, Patti Smith and Wayne County as the news spread. Thanks to his foresight I own 2 copies of the Sex Pistol's 'Anarchy in the UK' 7inch!

I went to college in New Paltz NY where I graduated with a Chemistry degree. During that time I had a band called Vial of Life. We were very influenced by Orange Juice. Two years after I graduated I moved to Boston. I played in a Buzzcock styled band called Sinn Fein.

As my love of the LA 'Paisley Underground' scene grew I accepted an invitation to play with David Roback and Kendra Smith in a new incarnation of Clay Allison. I moved to LA and stayed with Kendra, but the band never quite jelled. I jammed with Sylvia Juncosa before moving to Santa Cruz, where I lived for the summer in the St. George Hotel.

Moving back to Boston I met Mike Mooney at the place we both worked, and I joined the band he had with Tim Sprague, The GingerBread Men. After Tim left, Mike and I continued with Paul Martinez on guitar. We released two 7inchs. The first (Happy Squirrel b-w Day Job, Night Band) was on Gull Records, the second (Sex Pollution b-w Tangerine) was on Erik Lindgren's Arf Arf label. Happy Squirrel continues to have life as a staple on WMBR's 'Cheese Patrol' radio show, highlighting corny songs you hate to love,

When the band splitI took a few years off from bands before participating in the formation of Turkish Delight. Dave Nelson, Darryl Green, Leah Callahan, and myself put out two full lengths (Tommy Bell on Castle Von Buhler, and Howcha Magowcha on Arch Enemy) and two 7inch singles (Spin and Try Harder), along with numerous compilation appearances. These included the 'Our Heat, Your Moisture' comp put together by Atlanta's Pineal Ventana, and two Castle Von Buhler comps, Anon and Nigh. Arch Enemy also put out a limited live CD.

Today I am glad to post my views and those of my friends here in the gullbuy site. As surely as these words are on your screen, you can find my heart and soul in these pages. I am a true believer in the power of music, and hope to make your path to musical enlightenment a little less bumpy. thanks for reading the gullbuy!


Patrick Patrick is a Technical Writer by trade who loves brazilian music, soft pop, experimental music, electronic dance music, and compiling home crafted CDs. I first met Patrick through his wife Wendy who sang in Driver UFO with Patrick. Patrick should be thanked if you enjoy this site, as I could never do the gullbuy without him.