gullbuy music review

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the gullbuy?
I am a DJ at Boston College's radio station WZBC. The station gets some of its records through a grant it has with a local record store. The gullbuy chronicles the purchases I make at that store, Newbury Comics.
2) Why 'gull'?
Gull is a blue fronted amazon parrot who was my companion since 1987. Gull lived with my sister in Florida from 1997 till she passed away in 2009. The only bird I have right now is Bot, a cockatiel I found in October 1999 while walking to the subway.
3) How can I buy items in the gullbuy?
I do not sell anything through this website. I am a fan and buy stuff myself.
4) Where is the gullbuy based out of?
I am located in Cambridge Massachusetts in the US.