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Thomas Fehlmann


Making It Whistle b-w Gratis & Luftikus




Thomas FehlmannThomas Fehlmann is an electronic music artist from Switzerland with recorded output dating back to 1979.

The last time I heard him was on the WMF Records 'komfort.labor presents Ocean Club' compilation, which was reviewed in the gullbuy.

'Whistle' is his latest release. It is a 12inch with 3 tracks. 'Making It Whistle' is a dancefloor ready instrumental with a incessant groove and no sharp edges. It does not jump out at you and has no clever samples - it just has precision in its beats and warmth in its trance-like feel.

'Gratis' is my personal favorite on the 12inch. It too is an instrumental, but the electronic percussion skips along in staccato leaps over the simple bass riff.

'Luftikus' changes the sound yet again. This time we are deep in a dreamy miasma. These are sounds of a vinyl record popping and cyclical sounds that reminded me of Robert Fripp's 'Frippatronics' period.

If this 12inch were a color wheel you could blend the two contrasting colors (songs) on the B-side and create the color that comprises the nifty A-side ('Making It Whistle').

---Carl, January 29, 2002