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Lolita Strap


My Dance b-w Product & Video Screen


Crème Organization


Lolita StrapCrème Organization is a new offshoot of Bunker Records, the Holland label which has been releasing excellent electro 12inchs for several years, well before the current craze we are experiencing in 2002.

Lolita Strap is another project of Sami Liuski otherwise known as Bangkok Impakt. Sami lives in Rovaniemi in northern Finland.

The A-side My Dance is an electronic slightly dance oriented instrumental.

It is the B-side that is red hot. Product reminds me of Detroit band Adult. The female vocal is similar and the electronics are awesome.

Video Screen is pretty fine too if you do not have vocoder sensitivity as I do (I don't like vocoder vocals). Video Screen has male vocals and a very classic 'electro' feel, with maybe a slightly lower bpm than usual.

---Carl, January 29, 2002