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January 15, 2002

  • Gunter Adler

    Gunter Adler

    7inch / Kiebitzreihe / Staubgold

    Solo single from Jyrgen Hall of Groenland Orchester (who also record for Staubgold).
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  • Bollywood Funk

    Bollywood Funk

    2xLP / various / Outcaste

    Of all the 'Bollywood' compilations sitting on all the shelves of record stores, Bollywood Funk is my favorite.
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  • Cozmick Suckers

    Kozmick Suckers Volume Silver

    2xLP / various / Shikatapult

    Vinyl only compilation from one of Berlin's hot new labels. All 14 of the cuts are exclusive to this record.
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  • Felix Kubin

    Felix Kubin

    7inch / Schnitzler b-w Groscher Lausagriff / Pop'eclectic

    Felix Kubin (from Hamburg) creates artsy electronic pop that recalls a meeting place halfway between Der Plan and Andreas Dorau.
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  • Los Samplers

    Los Sampler's

    7inch / Descarga Mecano (Version Muy Differente) b-w Demasiado Funcional (Version Differente) / / Hot Air

    Completely electronic percussion used to create the timeless mambo beat.
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  • Minit


    7inch / Bootleg b-w Four / Tonschacht

    Composed entirely from field recordings of natural phenomena on and around Alpsee, Bavaria.
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  • Mote / Wio

    Mote / Wio

    2x7inch / Two Split Singles / Ubik

    A double 7inch with two split singles. Both Mote and Wio are from Belgium.
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  • Tourist Record

    Tourist Record

    7inch / various / Lucky Kitchen

    I like this single best out of all Lucky Kitchen releases because it makes its statement succinctly in 2 digestible chunks.
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  • Boxtype


    12inch / Goiter EP / Shikatapult

    Boxtype blend electronica and house. They are from Heidelberg and are Shitkatapult's latest signing.
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  • David Carretta

    David Carretta

    12inch / Domination EP / International DeeJay Gigolo Records

    2 track follow-up to his 'Le Catalogue Electronique' CD on Gigolo Records.
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  • Kiyoshi Izumi

    Kiyoshi Izumi

    CD / Orange Sunshine / Childisc Records

    There are no melodies that you will be humming all week long in your head, but there are sounds that your head hasn't heard before.
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  • The Frank Popp Ensemble

    The Frank Popp Ensemble

    CD / Ride On! With the Frank Popp Ensemble / Unique

    The Frank Popp Ensemble have lots of Hammond B-3, a heavy Rn'B debt and lots of beat.
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  • Unity


    CD / Blow Thru Your Mind / Universal Sound

    Unity are a free-jazz band from New York who recorded 'Blow Thru Your Mind' in White Plains in 1974.
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