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The Frank Popp Ensemble


Ride On! With the Frank Popp Ensemble




Frank Popp EnsembleMusic taylor made for anyone into the stuff released on Blowup Records. The Frank Popp Ensemble have lots of Hammond B-3, a heavy Rn'B debt and lots of beat.

There are covers of Rn'B/Go-Go classics ('You've Been Gone Too Long', 'Comin' Home Baby'), songs with male funky vocals (try 'High Voltage'), and songs with funny themes like 'Mullet King'.

But the reason you need to hear this disc are the originals 'Hip Teens' and 'Hurry Up!'. 'Hip Teens' is a modern track built to sound like a Nancy Sinatra classic and 'Hurry Up!' is an instrumental with a rockabilly beat that bops like The Stray Cats.

These two cuts seal the fate of this disc as a winner with me. Have any of you heard the full length by Big Boss Man on Blowup Records? This CD would sit well on that label and The Frank Popp Ensemble would be great in a show together with Big Boss Man.

---Carl, January 15, 2002