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Kozmick Suckers Volume Silver


Kozmick Suckers Volume Silver



various artists 2xLP

Kozmick Suckers Volume SilverVinyl only compilation from one of Berlin's hottest labels, formed by Marco Haas, aka T. Raumschmiere. All 14 of the cuts are exclusive to this record.

The set starts off gloriously with 'Neitenbolzen' by T. Raumschmiere. It is a stormer. Next up is 'Absent Minded' by Rechenzentrum, on loan to Shitkatapult from Kitty-Yo. 'Absent Minded' does not have the militaristic charge of T. Raumschmiere, but it is a head cut that makes you listen. Mayer/Thomas close out the side with 'Praxis 3.0'. Michael Mayer is one of the founders of Kompakt Records.

The B-side starts off in electro mode with Spacetank. Spacetank's track 'Zauberei' loses points (with me) for using the 'electro' trademark treated vocal without adding anything new to it. If electro just 'does it' for you them you may find Spacetank's track to be A-OK. Static Lounge's song 'Angel Dust' continues the treated vocal trend. I am not into the cut despite the cool music. Lars Mod ends side B with 'Brot'. His cut is more like it, though it doesn't have the brute force of T. Raumschmiere or the fascination of Rechenzentrum.

The C-side starts off on a new tack with Makeem The Vinylistic (Markus Kimmel). His track 'Do My Own Thing' blends hiphop and the dirty techhouse Shitkatapult is famous for. C continues strong with Magnum 38's 'Fernsehturm', the hardest track on the comp. 'Fernsehturm' ricochets around the speakers as it rips and clips its tones. Herr Pitzelberger's 'Hittet Zum Tanz' calms things down while keeping the feel very electro. Kyborg closes out the side with 'Mod'. 'Mod' is somewhat minimal, heavy on the glitch.

The final side starts off with Dominik Baier's 'Tiefgang'. The cut reminds me of stuff from the Ant-Zen 'Ant-Hology' compilation. Very dark. Yonderkid's 'Moondogs' attempts to brightens things up with cut up beats, but the track doesn't take my anywhere at all. Alen & Nelt's 'Musikklub' is very atmospheric, almost like a Joy Division instrumental. Finally, the last cut - Miss Tigra accompanied by T. Raumschmiere. 'Dropping' is a short cut. It sounds like an attempt at a Lydia Lunch performance piece (without any curses). Frankly the Miss Tigra cut is not as good as I hoped it would be.

To me this compilation belongs to the T. Raumschmiere, Rechenzentrum, Makeem The Vinylistic, and Magnum 38 tracks.
Faves: A1,A2,C1,C2

---Carl, January 15, 2002