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Los Sampler's


Descarga Mecano (Version Muy Differente) b-w Demasiado Funcional (Version Differente)


Hot Air


Los Sampler'sMy man Uwe Schmidt in his electronic mambo guise 'Los Sampler's'. This single has two different versions of tracks from the Los Sampler's 'Descargas' CD.

Stock, Hausen, & Walkmen and The Ripoff Artist have released singles on this label as well. Hot Air seems to concentrate on somewhat outrageous articles of 'out there' music. Los Sampler's would fall into that category, with the completely electronic percussion used to create the timeless mambo beat.

If Uwe Schmidt hadn't moved to Santiago Chile he could easily have wound up on Austria's Cheap Records. Most of the stuff on Cheap shares the over the top DIY sampler/electronics sound that Uwe Schmidt uses in many of his projects.

Instead Uwe has created an amazing label called 'Rather Interesting' and a handful of incredible projects, the most popular of which is Senor Coconut.

Do you need this single if you have the Descargas CD? Most definitely. The versions here are way different that those on the disc. They are longer and wilder.

---Carl, January 15, 2002