gullbuy music review

Kiyoshi Izumi


Orange Sunshine


Childisc Records


Kiyoshi IzumiI remember reading about this CD back in July 2001 in a review which called this disc 'headphone music'. The writer mentioned that Kiyoshi Izumi was in some way involved with some of the J-pop artists.

Finally I get to hear the CD myself and write about it for the gullbuy. The 14 pieces on this CD are indeed complex tunes that use all aspects of the idea of 'electro-acoustic' in the same way that Juan Garcia Esquivel used the idea of 'Stereophonic' in his works. In other words, Kiyoshi Izumi has done it all to the Nth degree.

My favorite cuts are 'Light Year In Stereo' (#6), which closes with a segment that reminds me of the 1980 song 'Troops Out' by The Passage, and 'Decode In A Fruit' (#7) which has so many ideas jammed into it.

This is one of those records that you just have to hear. There are no melodies that you will be humming all week long in your head, but there are sounds that your head hasn't heard before, that it would ask to hear if it knew how.

---Carl, January 15, 2002