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Goiter EP




BoxtypeBoxtype blend electronica and house. They are from Heidelberg and are Shitkatapult's latest signing.

The Goiter EP has 4 songs. 'Scarred' has hints of a reggae dub beat set into 4/4 electronics. 'Lank' keeps the dub feel but adds minimal glitch to the equation.

On the flip, 'Sliced' is my fave. It sounds like the backbeat is electronically sliced. The song has a shuffling feel that is less uniform than the cuts on the A-side. The EP ends with 'Lax'. Lax has a submarine like high pitched tone which cycles every fourth beat. Lax is the most abstract track on the EP. I believe it is my second favorite song next to Sliced.

---Carl, January 15, 2002