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2 many dj's pt. 10, mixed by Soulwax


2 many dj's pt. 10, mixed by Soulwax


Waxedhead Recordings

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2 many dj's pt. 10 CD coverPart 10 in the 2 may dj's series restores any doubts i had about the duo's selection skills. I like every bit of this CD. There really are no weak segments.

Many volumes ago I determined that the best way to play these discs on a radio show was to 1) Identify the tracks with curses so you don't get the FCC on your back. 2) Figure out which clusters of songs work best when played together.

The songs with curses are tracks 1, 23, 28, 29 and 30. It's a shame, as some of these tracks are quite excellent.

The clusters that work best together are

  • 2 - 10
  • 13 - 22
  • 24 - 27
  • 31 - 41

I can recommend this CD to you with no reservations. If you are afraid that the 2 many dj's or hang all dj's series are obsolete holdovers from the 2002 era, put aside your preconceptions and listen to the music without looking over your shoulder to see what is "cool". This CD is a very enjoyable listen.

---Carl, November 16, 2004