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The Lids


The Lids


Rip Off Records


Zonk CD coverThe Lids are a punk rock band from Atlanta that play songs that last less than 2 minutes but sound complete and fully formed.

The band has a male lead vocalist and two female background vocalists, making The Lids sound a little like The Action Time.

I like this CD for songs like Distracted, R.H.T.S. and She's Been Around. These songs really take advantage of the possibilities the lineup offers for cool vocal interplay.

All the tracks have a similar music sound: beat driven by the drummer, and guitar and bass doubling up on a solid rhythm. The vocals are the leading point of each song, and the song lasts as long as the vocals do, making the 2 minute mark sufficient to complete all by one of the tracks.

---Carl, November 16, 2004