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The Flip Tops


All Worked Up


Rip Off Records


The Flip TopsThe Flip Tops are from Portland, Oregon and their singer was previously the singer for Jetpack. There; in one compound declarative sentence I have stated pretty much everything I know about the band.

While their sound does fit in with all their labelmates, the Flip Tops are not all speedy, lo-fi garage punk. They have a bit more of a 'rock' sound for one. Echoes of the New York Dolls ('Cold Cold Heart') pop up occasionally, and I just realized that the singer sounds like a punkier Mike Monroe (Hanoi Rocks).

'Get in Line' reminds me of the Dwarves (just without the drug references and underage sex). Sound quality-wise I'd have to say they're a step above many of their labelmates, as well. Certainly not polished but just a little better recorded -- trashy, just not AS trashy as say the Rip Offs.

Favorite track? Definitely the ultra-catchy 'Beat You Up.'

---Peter Ledebur, November 19, 2002