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The Dirty Sweets


Bubblegum Damaged


Rip Off Records


Dirty SweetsDebut album from Austin punkers. Fast and dirty, catchy and simple -- just like you'd expect from Rip Off -- with a foxy ass-kicker for a lead singer.

Dig Loli & the Chones? You'll dig The Dirty Sweets. The Dirty Sweets songs are short and to the point too -- only four of the twelve tracks are over a minute and a half long.

Maybe not the greatest record I've heard recently, but then I've been hearing a LOT of stellar punk lately. Still, really good.

Fave tracks are Teenage Jerk, Bitch Fight, Born to Die, Kill That Guy, Dance Party Massacre, Singles Action and a cover of Snuky Tate's Can You Dance to It (you know it from Killed by Death #18).

---Peter L, February 26, 2002