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Rip Off Records' Third Wave of Hits


Rip Off Records' Third Wave of Hits


Rip Off Records

various artists CD

Rip Off Records' Third Wave of Hits CD coverThis compilation puts together 6 EPS from the San Bruno CA label Rip Off Records.

It includes The Infections, an SF band that are no longer together, The Swindlers, The Spastics, Chinese Millionaires, The Spites, and The Registrators.

The music has the energy of fist wave punk, played a little faster and a little more over-the-top. My favorite tracks are:

  • The Infections Kill For You, which reminds me of Boston band Unnatural Axe, or Angry Samoans,
  • The Spastics Cherry Pop and I Wanna Be A Cop, which both have over the top female vocals that remind me of the 90s Long Beach CA band Oiler
  • Chinese Millionaires Heart On A Chain which has a Social Distortion feel but with far more energy
  • The Spites Stayin Out for its manic pace and loud cheap guitar
  • The Registrators T.V. Hell for its unreal effects guitar 'solo'

---Carl, June 22, 2004