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Hideki Kaji


Enjoy the Game




Hideki Kaji CD coverHideki Kaji is a Japanese pop artist in the spirit of Scott Miller, who fronted Game Theory in the 80s.

Like the music of Game Theory, the songs on Enjoy the Game are high energy vocal based songs with clean Fender guitar and tons of melody.

His music has the same type of hope and good felling as the George Harrison Beatles song Here comes The Sun, though Hideki Kaji has a very modern sound

This CD also comes with a bonus DVD with 5 videos on it. I especially like the video for Green Road, with its antique motorcycle and country setting, and Fantastic Game with Latin percussion and a soccer match theme.

Japanese CDs are very expensive, but this one did not make me feel sick after laying down a ton of cash - I really like this CD and definitely recommend it.

---Carl, June 22, 2004