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June 22, 2004

Ego Twister Records Promotional Kit #1

various artists
label:: Ego Twister Records

The music released by the label varies in sound from release to release, but in general reminds me of Felix Kubin or Oleg Kostrow. All the tracks are instrumentals. The CD has 6 tracks by Edmünd Prinz, 5 by Amnésie, and one song each by Yvan&Lendi , Dr C (aka CDR), and Puyo Puyo.

This CD is really just a CDR the label put together for press, but I think that this label has the right idea, with neat formats to support individual music. Edmünd Prinz was released as an orange vinyl 10inch with a badge, and Amnésie was released as a 3inch mini-CD in handmade packaging.


various artists
label:: Rhino Handmade

The companion collection to Come to the Sunshine, Hallucinations is the second in a continuing series which digs into the vaults of great lost 1960s music. Both collections spotlight the pop side of the collector's realm, but where Come to the Sunshine spotlighted the lighter, harmony pop side of things, Hallucinations takes a look at the psychedelic side of the 60s pop.

Hallucinations has more of a hardhitting sound than Come to the Sunshine, with more fuzz guitars and twisted melodies, so I have a feeling that this compilation will appeal more to people.

Hideki Kaji

title:: Enjoy the Game
label:: Felicity

Hideki Kaji is a Japanese pop artist in the spirit of Scott Miller, who fronted Game Theory in the 80s. Like the music of Game Theory, the songs on Enjoy the Game are high energy vocal based songs with clean Fender guitar and tons of melody.

Japanese CDs are very expensive, but this one did not make me feel sick after laying down a ton of cash - I really like this CD and definitely recommend it.

Rip Off Records' Third Wave of Hits

various artists
label:: Rip Off Records

This compilation puts together 6 EPS from the San Bruno CA label Rip Off Records. It includes The Infections, The Swindlers, The Spastics, Chinese Millionaires, The Spites, and The Registrators.

The music has the energy of fist wave punk, played a little faster and a little more over-the-top.