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Ego Twister Records Promotional Kit #1


Ego Twister Records Promotional Kit #1


Ego Twister Records

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Ego Twister Records Promotional Kit #1 CD coverEgo Twister Records is a label run by Yvan from France.

The music released by the label varies in sound from release to release, but in general reminds me of Felix Kubin or Oleg Kostrow. All the tracks are instrumentals.

Edmünd Prinz plays music that has live instruments and trash electronics. His stuff has a playful chaotic upbeat feel.

Amnésie plays plodding electronic noisepop instrumentals that remind me of stuff that the Brighton England label Infinite Chug used to put out in the mid 90s, including Bald Mermaids, I'm Being Good and One Small Good Thing. I used to love Infinite Chug, and would also enjoy any of the 5 tracks Amnésie have if in the mood.

My favorite tracks were the selections from upcoming releases. All three of these tracks tagged onto the end shine and offer a glimpse that makes me look forward to hearing what else this new label has to offer.

Yvan&Lendi play wound up electronic pop with a pace that is super fast - kind of like a toy that has been over wound. There is a vocal sample of an old song that sounds like something from the film Midnight Cowboy.

Dr C (aka CDR) has the best produced track and some shifty drums that have cool effects on them.

Puyo Puyo has already appeared in the gullbuy. Disco Jÿta uses some type of treated and sped up vocal, and Aphex Twin styled DSP.

This CD is really just a CDR the label put together for press, but I think that this label has the right idea, with neat formats to support individual music. Edmünd Prinz was released as an orange vinyl 10inch with a badge, and Amnésie was released as a 3inch mini-CD in handmade packaging.

---Carl, June 22, 2004