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Gagarin Records


Massive Attack Special Cases 12inch coverNamed after the Japanese "greatest puzzle game ever created for any console or arcade," Puyo Puyo is a French musician named Pascal.

Puyo Puyo has released this 8 track vinyl-only 12inch EP on Felix Kubin's label Gagarin Records, distributed by Stora.

Pascal sent the gullbuy a CDR of his record, for which I am grateful to him. I have been staring at my CD player when I play this disc, as the CDR sometimes skips. As the music is hyper-robopop with heavy video game overtones, it was difficult to determine whether the disc was skipping or whether it was just the way the music was designed.

I any of you have ever heard Felix Kubin's music or records on Gagarin, you will agree that Puyo Puyo fits on their roster perfectly. There are many ingredients on each track, including lo-fi electronic beats, cheap synths, some guitar and some cartoonish vocals, fleshed out with samples.

I like this disc a lot. I'm sad that it was skipping, as that definitely interfered with my enjoyment. But I can say that the vinyl version would be a solid purchase if you like bands like Der Plan or Oleg Kostrow, with a touch of DAT Politics.

---Carl, February 17, 2004

From a Puyo Puyo fan page:

"Puyo Puyo is a puzzle game that was released in Japan sometime during the race to create Tetris clones. It has since taken on a life of its own and it is hardly ever associated with Tetris, except for the fact that it is in the same genre.

The principle of the game is very simple. It's basic idea is to get 4+ blobs of the same color to be next to each other. In a One Player version, you just have to keep going and the blobs will keep coming faster and faster. In a two player, you have to keep playing until the other player (computer or person) loses theirs. Obviously if you fill up your screen, you lose the game.

There are seperate little quirks that may come with different games but the premise is always the same in this addictive classic."