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February 17, 2004

The Boys

title:: The Collection
label:: Taang! Records

The Boys punk rock sound is a powerful burst of punk rock energy with power pop melodies, all combined together with edgy, catchy guitars and vocals. They are the best of a breed combining shades of The Undertones, The Rezillos, and The Damned.

The Boys' music has been reissued often in the years since their first few albums were recorded. But the 2 cd set simply called The Collection released on Taang! Records in 2003 is probably the best way to hear The Boys' first two albums The Boys (from Aug 1977) and Alternative Chartbusters (from March 1978). Not only do you get both albums in their entirety, you get a bevy of bonus cuts including rare singles and unreleased tracks augmenting each disc.


title:: Terminus
label:: Radio Khartoum

Terminus is Finnish popsters Cessna first release in four years, their second for Radio Khartoum . It was two years in the making and well worth the wait.

In a little over half an hour, they sneak in surprising sounds and textures, and their affection for analogue synthesizers.


title:: DMZ
label:: Sepia Tone Records

DMZ were Jeff 'Monoman' Connelly's band before The Lyres. They are a solid part of punk rock history, and one of the first pack of bands signed by Sire records, the label which became synonymous with NY punk.

Now for the first time we can listen to the record with a better mix, and without the mock heavy metal logo the label cooked up for the record without the band's knowledge.

Franz Ferdinand

title:: Take Me Out
label:: Domino Records

This quartet originates from Glasgow. They share a distinct indie rock sensibility common to the other Scottish innovators of the genre, JOSEF K and ORANGE JUICE. What FRANZ FERDINAND also have in common with these bands is a consciously arty attitude that comes across in their lyrics.

They seem to have broken the disenheartening spell cast on pop music by bands like OASIS in the UK. While it is true that appreciation of a work can lead the reviewer down the road of excessive hyperbole, FRANZ FERDINAND are a band that deserve it. I find their music simultaneously shocking and amazing and am filled with anticipation for their new album.

Metal Urbain

title:: Anarchy in Paris!
label:: Acute Records

Métal Urbain were a 1977 Paris punk band that used synth/drum machine/2 guitars/French vocals to incredible effect on three 7inch singles before they broke up.

Métal Urbain did not dilute themselves in any manner. They sang in French, they came off as terrorists, or at the very least anarchists, and they made music that sounded different than anything else, with slogans that stuck in your head. When you listen to Paris Maquis you can't help but shout out "Fasciste!" with the band.

Trio Eletrico

title:: Echo Parcours
label:: Stereo Deluxe

Stereo Deluxe recording artist Trio Elétrico follow up appearances on various compilations (including 2003's Neue Heimat 3, and 2000's Future Lounge, Vol. 3) and television commercials (Bacardi, here in the states) with a solid, varied album, which is both relaxed and intoxicating.

Trio Elétrico get their name from the Bahian group Trio Elétrico Dodô e Osmar (aka Adolfo Nascimento and Osmar Alvares Macedo) a groundbreaking group who in 1950 pioneered the use of electric guitars in Brazilian music. It's not actually that far a stretch to see the connection between the laidback funky influence of the electric Brazilian sound in a German group, and what's interesting is to hear how Trio Elétrico pull this sound off.

Puyo Puyo

title:: A New Trick Item
label:: Gagarin Records

Named after the Japanese "greatest puzzle game ever created for any console or arcade," Puyo Puyo is a French musician named Pascal. Puyo Puyo has released this 8 track vinyl-only 12inch EP on Felx Kubin's label Gagarin Records

There are many ingredients on each track, including lo-fi electronic beats, cheap synths, some guitar and some cartoonish vocals, fleshed out with samples.