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Trio Eletrico


Echo Parcours


Stereo Deluxe


Trio Eletrico CD coverStereo Deluxe recording artist Trio Elétrico follow up appearances on various compilations (including 2003's Neue Heimat 3, and 2000's Future Lounge, Vol. 3) and television commercials (Bacardi, here in the states) with a solid, varied album, which is both relaxed and intoxicating. Trio Elétrico were the most unique talent heard on the mostly Germanic Neue Heimat 3 compilation thanks to their dubbed out style of laidback beats and sounds - often accompanied by guest vocalists or sampled voices.

Trio Elétrico get their name from the Bahian group Trio Elétrico Dodô e Osmar (aka Adolfo Nascimento and Osmar Alvares Macedo) a groundbreaking group who in 1950 pioneered the use of electric guitars in Brazilian music. It's not actually that far a stretch to see the connection between the laidback funky influence of the electric Brazilian sound in a German group, and what's interesting is to hear how Trio Elétrico pull this sound off.

Trio Elétrico feel like a singles artist at this point in time - meaning that I could see the best tunes on Echo Parcours being released as 12 inch singles (with remixes), but not every song on the album is a favorite of mine. The cds first track, Mansad is a rocked out dubby piece of work which combines the perfect array of scattered horns, electrified guitars, and rimshots, all mixed to perfection underneath soulfully scatting vocals by Gilles Yapi.

Mini-Poodle-Circus reminds me of early Orb's foray into dub influenced pop music, but with a quirky jazz edge which makes it sound refreshing as it shuffles along. The title track Echo Parcours was a highlight from Neue Heimat 3, with it's funked out rhythm, echoed harmonica and soulful lead vocals by John Davis. The various keyboards recall early 70s Herbie Hancock, while Dirk Hess' guitar has the Hendrix wah, which is helpfully accented by some jazzed out flute.

Hipops Restroom was another favorite thanks to its New Orleans styled horn solos by trombonist Tobias Zillner, but rather than a traditional jazz backing, it's more like the gritty New Orleans funk backing on this track. Return Of The Coconut Groove is a a super fine spacefunk number, is probably inspired by the Brazilian funk from the 1970s.

The Trio Elétrico remix of Millenia Nova's Disconnected Minds is a nice bonus track featuring music by Matthias Neuhauser & Meini Michael and female vocals which would not be out of place in Stephane Pompougnac's Hotel Costes series.

Cry Baby and Goo both didn't do much for me, and are mainly instrumentals which seem to plod along. I also wasn't crazy about the Jamaican dancehall styled vocals of guest vocalist Don Caramello on Pon Donde Vas, though I think others might like this track, and I was loving the music in the tune.

---Patrick, February 17, 2004