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Neue Heimat 3


Neue Heimat 3


Ministry of Sound Recordings

various artists 2xCD

Neue Heimat 3 compilation coverWhat better way is there to spotlight the music featured at a nightclub then to create a cd compilation spotlight, and many nightclubs are doing just that. With the help of the German branch of the Ministry of Sound, the same label that brought us the Tech-Pop compilation of 2002, the nightclub Neue Heimat bring us volume 3 in their spotlight series of electro and technopop. Like most club spotlight discs, Neue Heimat 3 is hit or miss. I can't compare this volume to the previous two volumes because I haven't heard them, but I can say that volume 3 has got a whopping 30 tracks spread over it's two disc length, and it's definitely more of a hit than a miss, especially if you like your electronic pop music Germanic. Mostly names I have not heard of, but looking back on the first two volumes I see names I recognize, so I can only assume that these names on this collection will soon become more known in the weeks and months to come.

Disc one ends up weighed down with most of my favorites on Neue Heimat 3. Disc one starts out strong with great electropop tunes by Wir sind Helden, 2raumwohnung, Die Raketen, Westbam und Nena, Lexy And K-Paul and Tok Tok vs. Soffy O. In fact, I liked the first 6 tracks of disc one a lot.

Guten Tag, Die Reklamation by Wir sind Helden starts things out strong, with an electro hopping tune like Plastic Bertrand (a favorite to sound like these days), but with female vocals. 2raumwohnung continue with a Ladytron sound in German, with their song Ich Weiss Warum. Die Raketen kick things up a notch with Tokyo Tokyo, sending things into fuzzed out electro bass land with snarling male vocals, while the singer says things in German about Tokyo. Oldschool Baby by Westbam und Nena is a pristine example of an industrial edged electronic pop tune in the modern age, with echoed female lead vocals. Lexy And K-Paul have a bit of a French snarl with Fernsehturm, even though it's sung in German (and listen for those computer dial-up sounds, used to good effect throughout the song). Day of Mine is sung in English by Tok Tok vs. Soffy O, and is the last of this great batch of tunes which start out Neue Heimat 3.

The next batch of tunes on disc one that I liked included songs by Rocko Schamoni, Tocotronic, Thomas Fehlmann, and Trio Eletrico. Rocko Schamoni's Heart Of Plastic is vocodered dance pop, and while the song really doesn't sound like Blondie, it's a firm nod in that direction. Hi Freaks by Tocotronic is mellow vocodered dance pop which works well with the previous track even though one of the only main vocal components is "Hi Freaks". Thomas Fehlmann brings us some synthy goodness in the mellow, subdued Du Fehlst Mir. And finally, Trio Eletrico mix things up with Echo Parcours, the most unique track on disc one thanks to its dub reggae mixed with a soulful male vocals.

Mostly filled with disco pop, disc two didn't work quite as well for me as disc one. Out of the 15 tracks, I enjoyed 7 of them. Millenia Nova starts things out strong with the funky laidback groove and sweet female vocals of Disconnected Minds. Tube und Berger combine a funky bass and echoed/breathy female vocals to a fine end on Geradeaus. Michael Mayer offers up a male Germanic voiceover a la Kraftwerk on Speaker. The Modernist's Comeback has a bouncy techno rhythm, which is clean and precise and addictive. Andi Teichmann simplifies things with a dirty electro sound on Wir Gehen Nicht Nach Haus. Chicks On Speed offer up one of their latest single with the Alter Ego remix of Fashion Rules! And finally, Tobi Neumann ends things for me on the Giorgio Moroder tip with Drogenkontrolle.

---Patrick, October 21, 2003