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November 16, 2004

2 many dj's pt. 10

various artists, mixed by Soulwax
label:: Waxedhead Recordings

Part 10 in the 2 may dj's series restores any doubts i had about the duo's selection skills. I like every bit of this CD. There really are no weak segments.

If you are afraid that the 2 many dj's or hang all dj's series are obsolete holdovers from the 2002 era, put aside your preconceptions and listen to the music without looking over your shoulder to see what is "cool". This CD is a very enjoyable listen.

Cassy & Dave The Hustler

title:: Her Dream
label:: Mental Groove

Cassy & Dave The Hustler make synthesizer driven electronic dance music that fits in well with rock crowds.

Her Dream is a single from the Mental Groove compilation Where Is Here. This is the same comp that originally presented the Miss Kittin & The Hacker song The Beach.


title:: Run With Me
label:: Bpitch Control

Kiki is a Finnish artist who has released a number of 12 inch singles on the Bpitch Control label, as well as over the years appearing on numerous compilations.

Kiki steps it up a notch with his first full length album and for the most part pulls it off with an addictive cd full of variety. There are a handful of tracks which stand out as vocal tracks which will no doubt become singles.

The Lids

title:: The Lids
label:: Rip Off Records

The Lids are a punk rock band from Atlanta that play songs that last less than 2 minutes but sound complete and fully formed.

The band has a male lead vocalist and two female background vocalists, making The Lids sound a little like The Action Time.