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2 Many DJ's As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt. 7


2 Many DJ's As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt. 7


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2 Many DJ's As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt. 7 CD coverIf I had to do a top 30 list of my favorite records from the past year, every 2 many dj's and hang all dj's disc would be on it.

I love these 2 Belgian producers, who also have a normal rock band called Soulwax.

Volume 7 of the hang all dj's took me longer to get into than other volumes. Partly this was due to the fact that volume 7 incorporates the mix they did for Paris boutique Colette as CD2 of the compilation 'Colette No. 4.' Partly it was due to the many hiphop tracks on volume 7. My obstacle may be your pleasure: the 2 many dj's mix for the Colette CD is vintage Soulwax that you will want to hear.

With repeated listenings, I have come to treasure this disc as much as others in the series. I was especially happy that they included a Black Lodge and a Kiko track.

I was fortunate enough to buy a Black Lodge 7inch and 10inch when I could a few years ago. Even though Mo Wax had announced that they signed Black lodge, nothing has ever come out, and no one even seems to remember them. Black Lodge can sound like a disco band on one song, and Disney's Elephants On Parade on another.

Kiko is a French artist I have read about, but have never been able to find a CD from. He is not to be confused with the Bpitch control artist Kiki.

I also love the customary Michael Jackson track on this comp. This time, Billie Jean is blended with Playgroup Make It Happen and Ladytron Seventeen. Part of the art of Soulwax is the ability to make such played out (though admittedly great) songs sound fresh in their new context.

If you don't know the originals of the tracks on this comp, you may not realize that every track is played with and combined with bits from other sources. Do I hear the "Pop" from the M song Pop Music blended into Public Enemy Fight The Power? Everything is suspect as you listen to these tracks. Listening to the disc, you will probably find some special ingredient added to a song that completely passed my radar.

I enjoyed the dialog snippets of Blade Runner and Rambo during Sigue Sigue Sputnik, and the mock advertisements Lovage and Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By, from a 2001 CD on the 75Ark label by lovage.

Love Unlimited Orchestra provide the background for Sticky, who gives us a chronological countdown of important artists of jazz, bebop, rock n roll, soul, funk, and finally "the ultimate" hiphop.

Nothing here for me to complain about: another great disc from the brothers Soulwax.

  1. Intro
  2. Chemical Brothers - Base 6
  3. Part T One, Virgin Prunes - Crazy Baby Turns Blue (Soulwax Edit) remix by Soulwax
  4. Black Lodge - Horse With No Name
  5. Vinyl Fever - Electronic For The Children
  6. Hanayo - Joe Le Taxi
  7. Peaches - Set It Off
  8. Popular Org - Porque Te Vas
  9. Japan - Adolescent Sex
  10. DJ Neutron - On The Dancefloor
  11. Dynamo Productions - Steppin It Up
  12. Marvells - Rock Steady
  13. Hip Hop Party Booster For DJ's
  14. Stetch - Why Did You Do It
  15. Public Enemy - Fight The Power
  16. Lovage - Lovage (Love That Lovage Baby)
  17. Miss Kittin, Sven Väth - Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
  18. Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown
  19. Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11
  20. Love Unlimited Orchestra - In The Beginning Was Strange Games
  21. Beyoncé - Crazy In Love
  22. KRS-One - Step Into A World
  23. Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Parallel Mix)
  24. Kiko - Italomatic
  25. Garbage - Cherry Lips
  26. Rolling Stones - Undercover Of The Night
  27. 7 Hurtz, Bitch Lap Lap, Peaches - Sexy Dancer
  28. New Order - Confusion
  29. Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Dirty Talk
  30. Bollock Brothers - Horror Movies
  31. Tycoon Boy - Everyone Can Do It
  32. Les Paul - 6 Strings Of Truth
  33. Kreidler - Clockwork
  34. Chicks On Speed - Fashion Rules
  35. Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night
  36. Orchestra Gunter Gollash - House Of The Rising Sun
  37. Felix Da Housecat - Madame Hollywood
  38. Playgroup - Make It Happen
  39. Ladytron, Michael Jackson - Billy Jean Vs. Seventeen
  40. 101, Argent - Rock To The Beat Vs. Hold Your Head Up
  41. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
  42. Super Flys - Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
  43. Patti Page - Old Cape Cod

---Carl, December 16, 2003