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soulwax presents hang all dj's volume 3


soulwax presents hang all dj's volume 3


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soulwax presents hang all dj's volume 3 CD coverI am in trouble - or maybe you are in trouble. If I have to work too hard to convince you that this disc is as great as I think it is, than you probably don't get it anyway.

Soulwax are the ultimate culture sponge. They soak up music from three decades and manage to select tracks that work well together in unexpected ways, like Elvis's fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Volume 3 of the hang all dj's series continues this series trend of being well selected mix discs more than mash-ups, as the 2 many dj discs were. But that does not detract from the value at all. In fact, this particular CD is currently my favorite in all the universe of Soulwax. I can't find any tracks jhat I've got issue with, and I've listened to this one very many times.

I loved Queen when I grew up, but I gave up on them right around their 'A Day At The Races' LP. Until preparing for this review I never knew that the song Body Language I listened to on this record was Queen. I never thought I would willingly listen to Janes Addiction again - I guess I still could leave this one out, though in some wierd way it fits here.

It is easy to watch the specials about Michael Jackson and judge him harshly. I owe Soulwax fior making me love his music. Royskopp may be a bit overplayed at this point (give us a new album soon please!), but Epie sounds great before The Jacksons So Glad.

The Roxy Music track sounds so perfect. They really WERE an incredible act. Pulling the Rolling Stones Miss You out of a hat is nice - but real nice is mixing Daft Punk Stronger Better Faster with Bowie Fashion. Talk about pulling out of a hat - what about Stone's session key man Billy Preston and Ice T's metal band Bounty Killer.

But the ultimate snicker for this volume has to be the Chicago track If You Leave Me Now. While listening to this in the car without the case to refer to I had debates over what track this was. One person said Toto, and I tended to believe it. We all knew the track, as will you. But you NEVER would be playing the track on your own system until Soulwax!

So what I will leave you with is a hand typed track listing. I worked for this one; I didn't cut n' paste it (couldn't find it anywhere). It seems that with some effort you can find Soulwax discs on the web these days, so don't wait - this is a worthwhile way to spend your cash.

  1. Intro
  2. Michael Jackson Dirty Diana
  3. Artful Dodger Be Wind (Soulwax Remix)
  4. Mekon feat Roxanne Shante Bring It On
  5. Tiger Sushi Ashes To Ashes
  6. Queen Body Language
  7. Small Faces What You Gonna Do About It
  8. Heaven 17 Fascist Groove Thang
  9. The Jacksons So Glad
  10. Royskopp Epie
  11. Party One I'm so Crazy
  12. Zoot Woman Living In A Magazine
  13. The Eurythmics Love Is A Stranger
  14. Roxy Music Angel Eyes
  15. Apollonia 6 Sex Shooter
  16. Bock Come As You Are
  17. The Sisters Of Mercy Alice
  18. Tubby Wailer Feels So Good
  19. Spencer Davis Group Gimme Some Lovin
  20. Beastie Boys Girls
  21. Cameo Parrish Be Bop Mash (Don't Stop)
  22. DJ Mixmaker Party People Bounce
  23. Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters
  24. Girls On Top Dance With Numbers
  25. Michael Jackson Smooth Billie
  26. The Rolling Stones Miss You
  27. Daft Punk Stronger Better Faster
  28. David Bowie Fashion
  29. Billy Preston Nothing From Nothing
  30. Janes Addiction Been Caught Stealing
  31. Bounty Killer It's A Party
  32. Dub Breaks Dub Breaks
  33. Scanty Sandwich This One
  34. Incredible Bongo Band Last Bongo To Belguim
  35. Chicago If You Leave Me Now
  36. Manic Street Preachers Let Robeson Sing (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
  37. Missy Elliot vs. George Michael Get Your Faith Out
  38. Aaliyah vs. Busta Rhymes Hands Out and Try Again (Soulwax Remix)
  39. Marsha Hunt Walk On Gilded Splinters
  40. The Flying Lizards Like A Sex Machine
  41. The Chemical Brothers Galaxy Bounce
  42. Kid Koala Almost Easy Listening

---Carl, September 2, 2003