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Soulwax presents Hang All DJ's volume 1


Soulwax presents Hang All DJ's volume 1


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Hang All DJ's volume 1 CD coverStephen and David, the 2 guys who as Soulwax produce a radio show which spawned five volumes of 2 many dj's compilations, have begun a new series called 'hang all dj's.'

Before you read any further, I am telling you that this CD is fantastic. While some folks have recently started jibing the 2 many dj's series as having too much music of the moment, 'hang all dj's' is filled with classic rock and hiphop gathered and used in very clever and respectful ways. It is not an electroclash album.

The songs used in this sixty three minute compilation spanning 42 songs make full appearances - they are not just tasted upon in a Stars On 45 way, as Trevor Jackson did in his (excellent) Playgroup Party Mix CD. The songs on 'hang all dj's' sound as if they are in their original form - until you look deeper and realize that they have been completely reinvented as new tracks.

  1. Intro starts off the CD with the customary Soulwax branding that they use in their radio show.
  2. Harry Truman vs. Blake Baxter Work It Out uses the "brothers gonna work it out" lyric that you will know.
  3. Steve Miller Band makes the first of their two appearances with Abracadabra.
  4. Skymoo Always & Forever is remixed by Felix da Housecat.
  5. Polyester is a French band I have never heard. their J'aime Regarder Les Mecs song sounds real good though.
  6. Felix Da Housecat's Control Freaq provides the music base that Velvet Underground's Waitin For my Man is laid upon.
  7. Control Freaq takes its bow as a song.
  8. The Romantics Talking In Your Sleep is as overplayed as Abracadabra, yet both songs sound so good in this set.
  9. Groove Armada used to sound oh so fine. Disco Insert may be the finest moment of their early sound. Tim 'Love' Lee used the track on his 'It's All Good' compilation too. Super funky, with a female vocal.
  10. DJ Excel made a very Stars On 45 styled medley called Party Mix that is used in this segment. Components include These Are The Breaks, Grandmaster Flash White Lines, Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, and other ace songs I don't know the titles of.
  11. Japanese artist Zongamin has Serious Trouble, an instrumental from his self-titled LP, used by Soulwax.
  12. Prince's song Controversy makes a brief appearance.
  13. Dancehall artist Reel 2 Reel has I Like To Move It coming right out of the Prince segment.
  14. Bros When Will I Be Famous makes an appearance. Sascha Funke, in his song When Will I Be Famous, also uses a brief snippet of this song.
  15. We all know that Missy Elliot's punjabi styled Get Yr Freak On provided source code for more remixes than any other song ever. But you will still marvel at this version, with all music provided by AC/DC.
  16. The Royskopp mix of Mekon's Please Stay sounds like Tears For Fears to me.
  17. Eberhard Schooner and The Police Why Don't You Answer are mixed together. There is talking as someone tries a telephone number before the Sting vocal starts.
  18. I'm not sure who Jesse & Crab are. Their Tribute to Billy Ocean appears without the music from Why Don't You Answer changing. The song includes the first instance of a techno beat on this record. There is a radio announcer doing a voiceover too.
  19. Birdy provides Oiseau Bleu, with a riff that sounds like New Order. Birdy build use up to The Flirts song.
  20. The Flirts Passion provides the closest sounds to electroclash that this comp approaches, though the keyboard sounds equally like Keith Emerson.
  21. E=Mc2 Don't Hold Back is a funk track with wah wah guitar and (of all things) a kazoo.
  22. Herbie The Drug Cop Hancocks Rockit has someone providing a Police arrest dialog through a voice effect.
  23. The Disco Kings Kiss The King has turntable scratching and classic electro vocoder voice along with funk guitar.
  24. Lemon Jelly's The Saunton Lick starts with a guitar instruction record. The plucking riff the instructor is teaching becomes the basis for the song which builds.
  25. Eric Matthews Fanfare sounds grandiose with horns and full vocals, but somehow it fits in the mix like a glove. Somehow his voice reminds me of Debsy from Birdie.
  26. One of my faves from the disc is The Beach Boys Good Vibrations combined with Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes as Freak Woo Ha Vibrations.
  27. I always loved The Undertones. My Perfect Cousin is played almost all the way through, tweaked only slightly by the Soulwax duo. But they DO take advantage of the drum heavy break in the track by inserting Toni Basil as a teaser for the next track.
  28. Toni Basil's Hey Mickey rises out of My Perfect Cousin like a new wave phoenix.
  29. Beny More and Perez Prado are mixed together for a cuban mambo track called Babarabatiri.
  30. The Stone Roses Fools Gold is yet another unlikely choice woven expertly into the mix, sounding like it is right at home.
  31. Soul Grabber Soul Grabber Part 3 provides a little tough guy bravado which Afrika Lady addresses in her track.
  32. Afrika Lady Planet Resolution Rock ina female vocal track which includes element from the classic track Planet Rock.
  33. Lords Of Acid I Sit On Acid (Soulwax remix) is unplayable on the air if you listen close to the repeated lyric which started during the Afrika Lady track.
  34. 2 Live Crew Me So Horny fits just fine with the continued "F**k me up" lyric which first appeared in the Afrika Lady track.
  35. Vanessa Paradis Gotta Have It becomes a superfine cut in the hands of Soulwax. I always listen to CDs without looking at the insert. I was quite surprised to find that this song was by someone I had figured would never enter into my musical world. I like it!
  36. Iggy Pop's Nightclubbing morphs into The Human League Being Boiled during my favorite section of the disc.
  37. Girls On Top Being Scrubbed continues with the music of Being Boiled. The vocals are great, and blend into the Human League music as if they were written for it.
  38. James Brown Funky Drummer starts out of the Human League music and makes a brief appearance to usher in the Frank Jojo track.
  39. Frank Jojo's Turn Off the Light is a slinky female vocal track that becomes Fly Like an Eagle.
  40. Steve Miller Band Fly Like an Eagle is treated with love and respect, and somehow brings us in on the feeling, making this played out song sound fresh and fine.
  41. Dan Mass Thinking of You starts with an intro by Dr. John. The track is a melodic keyboard riff instrumental that bounces along pleasantly and lazily like a summer breeze. The track includes a monologue from a child describing a day in the country and why they don't want to go home.
  42. Kurupt It's Over ends the disc with various end of the record/end of the night themes welded together.

This disc is completely a gas. Every Soulwax record I've heard is great. I have received so many emails to the gullbuy asking me where to get these records. Those of you who have looked for these compilations: please keep trying - they are well worth the search.

---Carl, May 20, 2003