gullbuy music review

May 20, 2003

  • Dirtbombs

    title:: Australian Sing-Along: Songs of Australia - by the Dirtbombs - for the World
    label:: Zerox Records

    An exclusive Australian tour single which includes two covers from the land down under, including an ultra-driving fuzzed out version of The Elois song By My Side and a version of The Bee Gees' I Started A Joke which could well be an early Cat Stevens' side.

    The entire single has a way of really rocking out but still has a tight contained sound. Supreme deal, if you can get your hands on it.

  • Soulwax presents Hang All DJ's volume 1

    artist:: Soulwax
    label:: Head Traxx Inc.

    Stephen and David, the 2 guys who as Soulwax produce a radio show which spawned five volumes of 2 many dj's compilations, have begun a new series called 'hang all dj's.'

    This disc is completely a gas. Every Soulwax record I've heard is great. I have received so many emails to the gullbuy asking me where to get these records. Those of you who have looked for these compilations: please keep trying - they are well worth the search.

  • The Nips

    title:: The Tits of Soho
    label:: Soho Records

    The Nips' cd is an all encompassing 67 minute cd which contains every single they put out, as well as studio demos and live recordings, and it's nothing short of pure excitement to finally be able to hear this cd collection.

    The Nips were Shane McGowan’s first band, before he had The Pogues, and they released 4 7 inch single between 1978-81. The Nips had an interesting sound which combined a teddy boy rockabilly style and R&B inspired ravers. The studio tracks found here are definitely the reason to pick this Nips' cd up.

  • The Passage

    title:: BBC Sessions
    label:: LTM

    'BBC Sessions' is a 14 song CD which chronologically compiles 3 Peel Sessions The Passage recorded, plus 3 demos from 1982 which were never released.

    The Passage a band loved by a core group of followers, but obscure to the bulk of the record buying public. Considering this fact, it is heartening that John Peel invited them to record for his Peel Sessions show on three separate occasions: November 1980, October 1981 and June 1982. 'BBC Sessions' is a really fine disc that will be enjoyed by any fan of the Passage. I encourage you to buy it.