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2 many dj's as heard on radio soulwax pt. 8


2 many dj's as heard on radio soulwax pt. 8


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Zonk CD coverThe incredible 2 many dj's series is not new or unknown anymore, but it still remains a reliable series to shell out your money on.

Part 8 contains a lot of Star Wars samples, and at least four solid groups of tracks that work well played together on a radio show. I also love dthe intro, which has an announcer talking about the future of rock n roll, Star Wars and hi-tech sex, while Sigue Sigue Sputnik's Love Missile F1-11 and dialog from Star Wars plays below.

My favorite clusters of tracks:

Tracks 9-11

Tracks 15-18

Tracks 21-26

Tracks 29-33

There are other moments I like, such as #14 My Jeans Bumpin n Humpin, but a curse right in the middle keeps the track from joining the 15-18 cluster. If you need to know about curses on tracks, better not play 4 or 5 either.

---Carl, October 5, 2004