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Hands On Feet EP


Soul Jazz Records


Sutekh 12inch coverSutekh is San Francisco based electronic music artist Seth Horowitz.

The Hands To Feet EP is part of the Soul Jazz Microsolutions for Mega Problems series - their contribution to chronicling modern electronic music.

The 4 songs are exclusive to this 12inch. Mouth Party has a lot of staccato edits, making it nervously jump along like a skittish deer on delicate legs.

Scraping Nails is my favorite track. It sounds like a Brazilian samba overtaken by buzzing machines. One of the sounds is like a cicada rubbing its legs together in the woods. This track is not a noisy cacophony - the Brazilian feel is foremost throughout the whole track.

Boulez Toes has a dancefloor beat and the overall feel of a Smash TV or Bell track, that is, it sounds like music for robots to listen to as they prepare to go out on a Friday night.

Is There A Place? has a mysterious feel and keyboard tone like the signature theme from the 90s TV show X-Files. It is the most peaceful track on this 12inch.

---Carl, October 5, 2004