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Kit Clayton


When Cedars Fall


Soul Jazz Records


Kit Clayton 12inch coverReleased as the first 12 inch in a series called Microsolutions for Mega Problems on Soul Jazz in limited editions of 1000 copies, Kit Clayton's When Cedars Fall extends the sound Soul Jazz is known for the most into the electronic artist arena with two exclusive tracks. Other releases in this series included a 12 inch single by Sutekh and we'll see if they keep the series going in the future.

Both tracks have the sound clash of dub and glitch which make for very interesting listening. If you like the work Kit Clayton has done on the ~scape and Mille Plateaux labels then you're sure to like both of these tracks.

Humbaba is the more basic of the two tracks as it has the more pronounced bassline and recognizable rhythm track. Those who want a tried and true dub sound (with glitchiness augmenting the rhythm changes) Humbaba is a great track. I found myself enjoying the more oblique synth sounds of Enkidu which ping pongs along with less of an anchor but more tension.

---Patrick, August 31, 2004