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Judson Fountain


Completely in the Dark




Judson Fountain CD coverIn the liner notes to this well made CDR it says that you will either give it 5 stars or zero stars. I believe they are right.

I give this CD 5 stars. Two different people who overheard it as I was listening asked me (no, told me) to turn it off.

Judson Fountain has been called the Ed Wood Jr. of radio. He made these lo-fi radio dramas between 1969 and 1974 when he was between the ages of 17 and 22. Each of the stories were written by him, and are derivative of other stories, though they all have a morality lesson if them.

The only ugly slant about the disc is that he uses racial cliche exaggerated voices without a thought. But I believe he is innocent of any bad thoughts in doing so. He mostly creates super exaggerated hag and witch voices, which is what he is most famous for.

I bought this disc because it is getting close to Halloween and I figured it would be fun to play underneath instrumental tracks, but in the end I came to really like the plays, and have listened to this CD enough for it to thoroughly infect my brain with many of the lines in his plays.

---Carl, August 31, 2004