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August 31, 2004

Kit Clayton

title:: When Cedars Fall
label:: Soul Jazz Records

Released as the first 12 inch in a series called Microsolutions for Mega Problems on Soul Jazz in limited editions of 1000 copies, Kit Clayton's When Cedars Fall extends the sound Soul Jazz is known for the most into the electronic artist arena with two exclusive tracks.

Both tracks have the sound clash of dub and glitch which make for very interesting listening.

Judson Fountain

title:: Completely in the Dark
label:: Innova

Judson Fountain has been called the Ed Wood Jr. of radio. He made these lo-fi radio dramas between 1969 and 1974 when he was between the ages of 17 and 22.

Each of the stories were written by him, and are derivative of other stories, though they all have a morality lesson if them.


title:: Better Eat Strawberries
label:: Mental Groove

Lump is a Swiss artist living in Berlin. This 12inch is part of a series of four singles he recorded for Mental Groove's sub labelMGLTD.

Better Eat Strawberries is a vocal based track that almost reminds me of early Babybird or Closer Musik. Better Eat Strawberries will be your instant favorite, but Doodle will keep your attention for many more listenings afterwards.

Powerslaves- An Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden

various artists
label:: Angelmaker

This compilation contains no mockery of heavy metal gods Iron Maiden - the tracks are tributes that honor the band and bring a completely different look to childhood classics we all knew and loved.

Many of the tracks use computerized vocoder vocals and a few have female vocals. All of the tracks will be recognizable to anyone who knows the originals.

Rotating Assembly

title:: Natural Aspirations
label:: Sound Signature

The Rotating Assembly is a loose collective of musicians and singers all under the guidance of Theo Parrish released on his Sound Signature label.

There's a more open ended sound on this disc then a typical Theo project thanks to the collaborative effort, but the whole disc still retains the genius exploration that is instilled in a Theo Parrish release.