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Better Eat Strawberries


Mental Groove


Lump 12inch coverLump is a Swiss artist living in Berlin. This 12inch is part of a series of four singles he recorded for Mental Groove's sub labelMGLTD.

Better Eat Strawberries is a vocal based track that almost reminds me of early Babybird or Closer Musik.The lyric consists of

You better eat strawberries
Wanting to be a hero

How could two lines constitute a vocal based song? The lines are repeated a hundred times, but somehow it still works and doesn't feel repetitive.

Better Eat Strawberries has a psychedelic feel with some kind of synthetic snake charmer sound winding around it. There is also the drum beat which makes it a dance track without making it feel like it was produced for the dancefloor.

On the flip is Doodle. Doodle sounds more like the tracks on the Lump 12inch Bleux. It also reminds me of the band Bucci. There are several different electronic sounds that sound a bit like machines answering each other, and a sound that seems to be a bass guitar treated with a flanger. On the very top of the sound are Eno-like accents that remind me of his classic 1977 song King's Lead Hat.

Better Eat Strawberries will be your instant favorite, but Doodle will keep your attention for many more listenings afterwards.

---Carl, August 31, 2004