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Bucci 12inch coverBucci are brothers Pier and Andres Bucci from Santiago Chile.

Pier Bucci lives in Berlin and plays live gigs as Bucci, while Andres lives in Santiago and contributes to Bucci recordings.

Their first microbeat recordings were on the Austral compilation on the Chilean label Ruta 5 back in 2000, where they appeared alongside Atom Heart, ADN, Skip, Jog, Rick Y Martin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sense Club & Bajo Tierra.

Skip & Chord is their first single. It has two songs on it, Dude and Rek. I first heard about Bucci in an interview with Lucien Luciano, who mentioned them as peers in his native Chile. Bucci should not be confused with Bucci Bag, who initially recorded as Andrea Doria.

Though Bucci is new, Pier Bucci is known to many people as half of Mambotur. The music the two brothers make together is playful electronic, just like the drawing on the record label of happy chupacabras/aliens in the Andes.

Dude is my favorite track because of the jagged synth fuzz bass part, but Rek rocks pretty hard underneath its peaceful top layer of tuneful synths.

All the emerging artists from Chile reminds me of the highly touted 'Nortec' movement of a few years ago, which never amounted to much. But I think that Chile has some excellent artists and that it is a positive sign of the times that underground electronic music from all over the world can be found in stores all over the world.

---Carl, August 3, 2004