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DAT Politics


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DAT Politics CD coverWith the same type of scattershot sound and humor as Kevin Bhechdom, France's DAT Politics are not easy listening by any means.

DAT Politics use electronics to construct cartoon like songs with electronics and vocals that make you feel like the puck in an Atari Pong game.

Songs like No Fairytale sound quite similar to Kevin Blechdom on her Bitches Without Britches LP. As well, I think of other French artists like Puyo Puyo, and the label Ego Twister Records.

DAT Politics have been putting out records and single from several years, so perhaps it was THEY who influenced these other artists. DAT Politics state the goal of this record: "confirm their attachment to naïve and hypnotic melodies and propose some complex and efficient digital compositions."

My favorite tracks:2,3,8,9,11

---Carl, August 3, 2004