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DAT Politics


Wow Twist


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DAT Politics CD coverWow Twist is the fourth full length by the French electronic quartet DAT Politics. The songs are tuneful over-the-top rock and roll electronic tracks set up to disorientate.

Viper Eyes starts off the CD with male/female vocal interplay on the chorus "no I don't mind."

Turn My Brain Off has lots of the ingredients that characterize the bands sound: male lead vocals, female background vocals that sound sped up, Ramones (or Beach Boys) styled wordless vocal harmonies, and hyper music.

Gravity has the video game sound the band also uses a lot. Gravity is one of my faves. It sounds Japanese, like a J-pop song by Hi-Posi.

Roll is centered upon a sped-up sales pitch that sounds like a munchkin from Wizard Of Oz selling us Ginzu knives instead of welcoming Dorothy to the Lollypop Guild. Like most of the other songs on this record, Roll grows on you if you listen to it a few times.

Wow Twist is a good record from a band that must be great live. They could easily reproduce their sound live, and the high energy feel of the record would translate well to a club.

Faves: 2,4,6,7,8,10,11

---Carl, May 12, 2006