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DAT PoliticsThe fourth album by the two guys and a girl from Lille France who make up DAT Politics is their best yet. It will reach the most ears too, as it has a great sleeve and is on Chicks On Speed records.

What makes this record different from their others is the presence of guest vocalists.

Felix Kubin plays keyboard and sings 'Morgens, Mitt Ags' (#5) in German. The song has the Andreas Dorau styled sound which Felix Kubin is so good at creating.

Kristin Erikson and Bevin Kelley (who comprise Blectum From Blechdom), and Gaëtan Collet (French digital artist who collaborated with Claude Pailliot, Vincent Thierion, Noelle Collet on 'Ten') sing on the CDs best track 'Pie.' I thought I only made up the 'don't let you cook some pie' chorus due to a mental twisting of lyrics in my head. 'Pie' (#3) is the most Chicks On Speed styled track on the disc.

My favorite instrumental (most tracks are instrumental) is 'Allo! Pepperberg' (#4). The other two vocal tracks I like best on the disc are 'Toutbleu' (#7) and 'Pass Our Class' (#13).

'Toutbleu' (#7) is sung by Gaëtan Collet and Claude Pailliot (another of the French 'Ten' collaborators). It is a melodic song with Applespeak computer voice mixed with the two live voices. 'Toutbleu' is my second favorite song on the disc.

'Pass Our Class' is a joke indy styled song sung by Jason Doerk (Lesser) with programming by Drew Daniels of Matmos.

Yes - there are many collaborators. Does the music have any continuity with all these hands in the pie? With DAT Politics continuity is irrelevant. The sound this trio make is not music in a conventional sense anyway. Is it satisfying? Choosing a song and playing it alone - yes. Playing the CD in a single listen - maybe not. It does not have much for you to hold on to.

There is little structure. It is the anti-electronica.

---Carl, May 21, 2002