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The Bad Form


No More Neo No Wave


Youth Attack! Records


The Bad Forms Songs:: 'Bleeding Fool' & 'No Dinner' b-w 'Its Gonna Rain' & 'Sell Yourself. Great, noisy, sloppy punk. Sorta reminds of the late '70s/early '80s when punk was gearing up for hardcore but wasn't quite there yet.

Gloriously out-of-tune guitars and influences that at least *sound* like they include old rock (read: '50s) and blues records (well, the New York Dolls at the very least).

All four songs are mini-masterpieces but my favorite is 'No Dinner' with a guitar solo (sort of) that kinda reminds me riff-wise of 'Boogie Chillun.'

I don't know anything about this Jersey-based band other than the fact that there's four of 'em and they have at least one other 7inch (from last year) and a cut on the Troubleman Mix-Tape compilation.

Pretty pink vinyl in a nice lookin' sleeve.

---Peter, May 21, 2002