gullbuy music review

August 3, 2004

Alter Ego

title:: Rocker
label:: Klang Elektronik

With Rocker Alter Ego have a plowdriver track that could easily march alongside T. Raumschmiere's Monster Truck Driver.

Taken from the album Transphormer, Rocker sounds perfect as a single, and has a really fine Acid House style mix by Black Strobe on the B-side.


title:: Skip & Chord
label:: WMF Recs

Bucci are brothers Pier and Andres Bucci from Santiago Chile.

Though Bucci is new, Pier Bucci is known to many people as half of Mambotur. The music the two brothers make together is playful electronic, just like the drawing on the record label of happy chupacabras/aliens in the Andes.

DAT Politics

title:: Go Pets Go!
label:: Chicks On Speed Records

With the same type of scattershot sound and humor as Kevin Bhechdom, France's DAT Politics are not easy listening by any means.

DAT Politics use electronics to construct cartoon like songs with electronics and vocals that make you feel like the puck in an Atari Pong game.

The Pop Rivets

title:: Greatest Hits
label:: Damaged Goods

The prolific mania that is the career of Billy Childish began with the first album of the long forgotten Pop Rivets back in 1979. Recorded for a meager 300 pounds in someone's front room,it was released as the very first full length independent record of the punk era.

Reissued previously on Hangman Records as part of the Hangman Legend Series in the 1990s (and renamed The Original First Album on that reissue), Damaged Goods has seen fit to reissue the album on cd in 2004.

Jacek Sienkiewicz

title:: Techné
label:: Coccoon Records

Jacek Sienkiewicz is a Polish minimal electronic artist who has been around since the late 1990's releasing music on his own label Recognition Recordings and working with Sven Väth more recently.

In a similar manner to artists like SCSI-9 and Lawrence, Jacek Sienkiewicz combines a driving rhythm with organic and melodic synths and ambient guitars to create a fine full length album.