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Jacek Sienkiewicz




Cocoon Recordings


Jacek Sienkiewicz CD coverTechne is Jacek Sienkiewicz's first album for Sven Väth's label Cocoon Recordings from 2002.

Jacek Sienkiewicz is a Polish minimal electronic artist who has been around since the late 1990's releasing music on his own label Recognition Recordings and working with Sven Väth more recently.

In a similar manner to artists like SCSI-9 and Lawrence, Jacek Sienkiewicz combines a driving rhythm with organic and melodic synths and ambient guitars to create a fine full length album.

After a short Pole-like intro track called On, Jacek Sienkiewicz gives us a tense and driving rhythm with stringed accents on Night Passion. Slowly building rhythms meet a sweeping beat for the disc's most intense track.

A Way To Know Things combines propulsive dub rhythms with ambient strummed guitars and dreamy synths, reminding me of Lawrence or SCSI-9.

Deep Layer has some nice echoed sub bass and Cluster-like synth melodies all of which reminds me of Scott Walker's work with Ute Lemper (set to a minimal electronic beat).

Probably my favorite track is the night stalker electronic dub of Speak Digital which sneaks up with some glitched percussion and surprising stops and starts. It's the most like the soundtrack for the rhythm of the city at night.

The cd ends with a short ambient overture called Off which ends far too soon and one is left wondering what Jacek Sienkiewicz's latest disc on Cocoon from 2004 called Displaced has to offer.

---Patrick, August 3, 2004