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Powerslaves - An Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden


Powerslaves - An Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden



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Powerslaves CD coverThis compilation contains no mockery of heavy metal gods Iron Maiden - the tracks are tributes that honor the band and bring a completely different look to childhood classics we all knew and loved.

Acid Junkies treatment of Wraithchild brings tha killer riff quite successfully to keyboard. I love the music on this version but think the vocoder vocal is just OK.

The version of Wasted Years by Ra-X reminds me of 80s skateboard artist Pushead who fronted the band Septic Death. Pushead drew zombies that made Eddie look safe, and Wasted Years sounds like it is sung by one of them. The cool thing is that the version is not just shocking or over the top, it really rocks and has tons of energy.

Maxx Klaxxon turns Die With Your Boots On into the albums centerpiece, with male and female vocals and a relaxed confident pace that brings solid power to the version. This is the track I would play to someone I wanted to share this record with.

Many of the tracks use computerized vocoder vocals and a few have female vocals. All of the tracks will be recognizable to anyone who knows the originals.

A fun record!

---Carl, August 31, 2004