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Out Of This World Flying Saucers


Out Of This World Flying Saucers


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Out Of This World Flying Saucers CD coverOut Of This World Flying Saucers is a collection of cut-ups from the 50s through 90s, centered around the theme of UFOs. Everything from doo-wop tunes to Santa to Jetsons, ET & X-Files appear on this comp.

Cut-ups are when radio announcers cut into hits of the day to make collages centered on a theme. Kind of like 2 minute versions or Orson Welles War Of The Worlds mixed with popular rock'n'roll songs.

Merry Martian Marching Band Antique Circus remind me of Judson Fountain's radio dramas. Many famous people are featured in the recorded snippets or as announcers. Walter Cronkite is in Dave Barry & Sara Berner's Out Of This World Flying Saucers, as is Mae West.

Sid Lawrence& Friends The Answer To The Flying Saucers (like several other tracks) uses sped up voices and reverb to represent martians. The reason I like this particular track better than some others is the songs they use in the cut-up, including Stranded in the Jungle (which NY Dolls covered) and mention of "Ungawa" ( as Los Chicharrons also do).

Jesse Lee Turner's The Little Space Girl is a song (not a cut-up) with low-key country music. It is a duet with a sped-up voice little martian girl looking for the astronaut to marry her.

Spacemen: You've got 4 arms
Space Girl: (the better to hold you)
Spacemen: 3 lips
Space Girl: (the better to kiss you)
Spacemen: 3 eyes
Space Girl: (oh, the better to see
I can't really rock and swing
but I've got more of everything
oh Mr. spacemen will you marry me?)
Spacemen: Why, sure!

Buchanan & Goodman's The Flying Saucer The Third has a fun story about the martians meeting the president, and being told that if they want to stay on earth they have to go to school. the songs used in this cut-up are amongst my favorites too. The martian's last words to the President? Baby, you're the ginchiest

Vik Venus' A Moonflight might be my favorite. It has a lot of 60s songs including some bubblegum that even my gullbuy partner Patrick couldn't identify.

The Missiles The Space Ship is a song cut-up (a real song instead of an announcer ties together all the song samples). It is quite fine!

Jon Goodman's The Return To The Flying Saucers spoof Fox Mulder and Agent Sculley of the X-Files TV show. Though no dates are given for any tracks, the mention of President Bill Clinton in this cut-up dates at least one of the tracks on Out Of This World Flying Saucers in the 90s.

This CD seems to be a newly compiled version of a 1995 disc called Out of this world flying saucers & other stuff too [view Johan Dada Vis' review of this older disc].

Out Of This World Flying Saucers is impossible to take in a sitting, but fun if you pull a single song out of the stew.

Faves: 2,7,8,11,14,15,28

---Carl, March 29, 2005