gullbuy music review

March 29, 2005

Brigitte Bardot

title:: Brigitte Bardot
label:: Universal France

Not only was Brigitte Bardot an actress, she also got caught up in the French Ye Ye music craze of the mid 60s.

In fact she recorded music sporadically from the 50s onward, but this cd compilation does a fine job of spotlighting the beginnings of the heyday of Bardot's Ye Ye phase circa 1963 and 1964 when she first began recording some Serge Gainsbourg songs, along with the jazz inspired pop and soundtrack music.

Billy Child

title:: Come On, Baby…It Is Time To Rock'N'Roll!!
label:: Tear It Up Records

Toshi, Toru and Markee are the 3 members of the Tokyo trashrock band Billy Child.

The band play over the top songs in a style that blends 50s R'n'R with 60s garage, combined with the energy of '77 punk.


various artists
label:: RPM

Bubble Pop continues RPM's Lipsmackin' 70s series of compilations, this time around digging into the teen idol and novelty sounds from the early 70s of the UK record label Bubblepop, which was owned by Jonathan King.

This collection meets halfway between Magpie and Velvet Tinmine (somewhere right next to Fading Yellow volume 5 at times) by digging up teen idol obscurities, novelty acts, John Peel obscurities, instrumentals, and Brit folk.

The Fall

title:: Rude (All the Time)
label:: Hip Priest

The Rude (All The Time) single originally was released in a limited edition of 500 copies on Flitwick Records back in 2001 with the two songs Rude (All The Time) and I Wake Up In The City.

Now two more songs have been added to this rare single and re-released on the Hip Priest label in a limited run of 2,000 copies.


title:: Penguin
label:: Sunday Best

Lazyboy is English duo Rob Da Bank and Dan Carey. Penguin features dub legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry on vocals. This double single has the album version as well as mixes by Mad Professor and Manasseh.

Penguin is a single from Lazyboy's Penguin Rock album, an album that also features a collaboration with Aztec Camera's Roddy Frame.

Out Of This World Flying Saucers

various artists
label:: Concert Products

Out Of This World Flying Saucers is a collection of cut-ups from the 50s through 90s, centered around the theme of UFOs. Everything from doo-wop tunes to Santa to Jetsons, ET & X-Files appear on this comp.

Cut-ups are when radio announcers cut into hits of the day to make collages centered on a theme