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The Fall


Rude (All the Time)


Hip Priest


The Fall CD5 coverThe Rude (All The Time) single originally was released in a limited edition of 500 copies on Flitwick Records back in 2001 with the two songs Rude (All The Time) and I Wake Up In The City.

Now two more songs called Distilled Mug Art and Where's The F**kin Taxi? C*nt have been added to this rare single and re-released on the Hip Priest label in a limited run of 2,000 copies. Apparently the original two songs have also been cleaned up a bit too from the single release, though the whole thing is quite low-fi. With the Where's The Taxi song being studio chatter and not really a song at all, there's really only one new song added to flesh out this EP. But for those of us unable to hear the rare original single, this is excellent way to hear it.

The Fall have reached a point where either you think singer (and Fall main man) Mark E. Smith is drunk and obnoxious or living out his freeform self with a devil may care attitude. Thankfully, I believe the Rude (All The Time) single is mostly the latter. Even though this single was recorded in 2001, it sounds like it could've been recorded in 1981 or at anytime during The Fall's existence (except some of the more high-fi moments). This is the kind of work that makes The Fall such an influential band, so even though it may someday end up on one of their many cd compilations at a later date, it still is worth checking out this single now.

Mark E. Smith sings this entire single through distortion, and there's a simplicity to the riffs which get The Fall sound going. Distilled Mug Art starts the single out and has a krautrock meets electric bossa sound to it with its mix of acoustic and electronic instruments.

I Wake Up In The City has a three chord riff, awesome fuzz guitar and Mark's distorted rants for one of the highlights of the set.

As mentioned above, Where's The F**kin Taxi? C*nt is merely studio chatter of some sort.

The three chord riff from I Wake Up In The City is used again in My Ex Classmates Kids but with different lyrics this time - which are more sing songy and memorable thanks to Mark repeating "my ex classmates kids."

---Patrick, March 29, 2005