gullbuy music review

October 5, 2004

2 many dj's pt. 8

various artists
label:: Waxedhead Recordings

The incredible 2 many dj's series is not new or unknown anymore, but it still remains a reliable series to shell out your money on.

Part 8 contains a lot of Star Wars samples, and at least four solid groups of tracks that work well played together on a radio show.


original soundtrack
label:: Soundtrack Classic Records

he soundtrack to the camp sci fi classic Roger Vadim film Barbarella (1968) starring his then wife Jane Fonda has been reissued by Soundtrack Classics in 2004, along with some related bonus tracks.

Recorded by Bob Crewe during his psychedelic years when he recorded as The Bob Crewe Generation with the under-rated late 1960s rock group The Glitterhouse, the soundtrack conjures up sound images the equal to what this camp classic elicited on the big screen, with equal doses psychedelia and soundtrack jazz for a perfect mix of spaced out music.

The Best of Rodney on the ROQ

various artists
label:: Posh Boy Records

The film Mayor of Sunset Strip showed Rodney Bingenheimer in a poor light.

This 1992 CD version of a 1989 'Best of' LP shows Rodney Bingenheimer in his best light, as the lens that brought so many bands energies into sharp focus for a music loving public.

Chicks On Speed / Mika Vainio

title:: Flame On
label:: Chicks On Speed Records

Flame On is the hidden bonus track on CD versions of Chicks On Speed's 99 Cents LP.

The track is a collaboration between the band and Pan Sonics' Mika Vainio.

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

title:: Thirteen Years In Noises
label:: Rev-Ola Records

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa have been quietly (sometimes not so quietly) releasing music for the past 13 years, and reissue label Rev-Ola out of the UK has seen fit to put together an overview compilation called Thirteen Years In Noises from the best of this Czechoslovakian group's music.

Felix Da Housecat

title:: Rocket Ride remixes
label:: Emperor Norton Records

This 12inch follows a 7inch of the same song, and the Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever LP which the track comes from.

Overusage of a single song? Not really. Three new versions of Rocket Ride that deviate wildly from the original without taking the usual remix route of making a vocal track instrumental and extending the length.


title:: Hands On Feet EP
label:: Soul JazzRecords

Sutekh is San Francisco based electronic music artist Seth Horowitz.

The Hands To Feet EP is part of the Soul Jazz Microsolutions for Mega Problems series. The 4 songs are exclusive to this 12inch.