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August 20, 2002

  • Australian Pop Festival

    Australian Pop Festival

    CD / various / 555 Recordings

    Just the thing for this summer. It's a fun mix of electronica and organic indie pop.
    [read more] ---Tina Glyptis

  • Clinic


    CD5 / Walking With Thee / Domino

    The real highlight of this EP is Mechanical Madrigal, a rocking track that is flat out and fine.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Drowsy


    7inch / Harmless & Careless Me b-w Shaa / Fat Cat

    This 3 -track single is exquisite. If you like dreamy 60s influenced lo-fi pop-- of the kind you might find on the Earworm or Acuarela labels.
    [read more] ---George F. Kilgoar III

  • ESG


    7inch / My Street / Soul Jazz

    ESG observe the rough side of the streets, as Major Thinkers did in their early 80s single Avenue B.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • FC Kahuna


    CD5 / Machine Says Yes / City Rockers

    These guys know how to keep it dirty and on the floor and they don't hold back.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands

  • Generation X

    Generation X

    CD / Radio 1 Sessions / Strange Fruit

    The 13 songs on this disc comprise 4 complete Peel sessions the band did.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • King of Woolworth's Stalker song

    King of Woolworths

    CD5 / Stalker Song / Mantra

    The second single from Mancunian producer Jon Brooks, who released his debut full-length album, 'Ming Star,' on Mantra last September.
    [read more] ---Teresa Concepcion

  • King of Woolworth's Bakerloo

    King of Woolworths

    CD5 / Bakerloo / Mantra

    Bakerloo is a six-minute instrumental piece that is reminiscent of the kind of music often heard in 1960's suspense films.
    [read more] ---Teresa Concepcion

  • Macitajs on Acid

    Macitajs On Acid

    CD / Friki Diki - The Enrique Tapes 1992 - 2001 / Tornis Records

    This disc contains some real nice, rough punk rockin. Some songs even drift into darker, slower territory.
    [read more] ---Andrew Culler

  • Parsley Sound

    Parsley Sound

    CD5 / Platonic Rate / Mo Wax

    This five song EP will only require one spin to hook you, but repeated listens reveal a band that loves its craft and fills their music with subtleties to ensure songs don't halt and jerk into one another but spill into each other.
    [read more] ---Mike Tiernan