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Walking With Thee




ClinicWalking With Thee is a single from the album of the same name.

The song Walking With Thee reminds me of the Zoo Records band from 1980 The Expelaires. The song has this thick organ sound propelled by a strong bass and drum rhythm. and . It is a mid paced vocal tune, high in energy.

The Sphinx is an instrumental that uses Melodica in the same way Ennio Morricone did in his Spaghetti Western soundtracks. It is a relaxing track which would have fit nicely on the 'Asthmatic Worm' compilation released on Germany's Mobile Records. Asthmatic Worm compiled electronic accordion and melodica tracks.

The real highlight of this EP is Mechanical Madrigal, a rocking track that is flat out and fine. Mechanical Madrigal is guitar driven and punky. It is as good as any of your favorite Clinic songs, and worth picking up this EP for.

---Carl, August 20, 2002