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  • The EyesThe Pupils

    The Eyes / The Pupils

    LP + 7inch / The Arrival of The Eyes / A Tribute to The Rolling Stones / Essex Records

    The Eyes were a Mod band from 1965-66 in London. They have quite the sound: all jangly guitars, cool vocals, and tight beats. This LP comes with a bonus 7' of The Eyes recording as The Pupils.
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  • The Homosexuals

    The Homosexuals

    LP / The Homosexuals' Record / A Black Noise

    The Homosexuals sound a bit like a more manic version of the band Fashion, but with jangly guitars like Josef K. Die Trip, Computer Die is the new project of L.Voag, one of the three members of the band.
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  • The Psychedelic Experience

    The Psychedelic Experience Volume 2

    LP / various / Mystic Records

    All the releases in this series share the same back cover collage of printed blotter acids. I think that Volumes 2 & 4 are among the strongest psyche comps I know.
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  • Weltraumforscher

    Remixen Die Welttraumforscher

    LP / various / Gagarin Records

    If you had to characterize the sound in a word, you'd say 'electro pop.' But the complexity of the tracks on this collection really need to be explored by ear.
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  • Irritant Number Nine

    Irritant Number Nine

    CD / various / Irritant

    Much of the compilation is electronic hardcore with no vocals (or using samples containing some type of voice) along with radical beats and extreme transitions.
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  • Max's

    Max's Kansas City 1976

    CD / various / ROIR

    The songs on this CD are already hard wired into my head from countless listenings. Every single song from the original 1976 Ram Records Max's LP is golden.
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  • Jim O'Rourke

    Jim O'Rourke

    CD / I'm Happy and I'm Singing / Mego

    Three untitled laptop tracks by Jim O'Rourke
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  • Sauron Speaks

    Sauron Speaks

    CD / Fat Beats from the Dark Tower / Suckadelic Reckids

    The same person who put together Star Wars Breakbeats has turned his attention (in a timely fashion) to The Lord Of The Rings.
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  • The Sunshine Company

    The Sunshine Company

    CD / The Best of The Sunshine Company / Collectors' Choice Music

    The first American-released cd collection of the late-1960s LA- based sunshine pop group Sunshine Company includes 22 tracks taken from their three albums, and the various singles they released.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands